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CRASH! POW! BANG! Learn the secrets to great character design with Kurt Aspland. If you like drawing your own comics or have some great ideas for video games, then designing rich characters is a great place to start. You will lean all the basics of drawing in this fun and exciting class; gesture, line, value, action, and much much more! Kurt spent over 30 years in southern California studying under some Hollywood greats and he brings a wealth of knowledge from a lifetime of experience and practice to each class. This class is for all ages and all levels, beginner to advance. Sign up today to let those great characters loose from your mind!!!! It includes daily assignments and personal critiques. The cost of this class is $500, the only supplies you will need are a sketchbook and pencils (I prefer Crayola colored pencils). After you sign up I will email you a link to a blog that only my students will have access to. Classes begin Monday, March 12. Each day I will post the daily assignment and the student can post their own work for me to comment on.

Once you are signed up, I will be sending out an email with where to log in so you can participate in the class. –Kurt