• Image of 28 Day Figure Drawing Class

Do you need a jumpstart in drawing? I have created a 28 day class that covers most of the basics of drawing the human figure. Daily practice is difficult to maintain, this 28 day class will help you start a habit that hopefully will not end. It includes daily assignments and personal critiques. The cost of this class is $500, the only supplies you will need are a sketchbook and pencils (I prefer Crayola colored pencils). After you sign up, I will email you a link to a blog that only my students will have access to. Classes start the 1st of every month. Each day I will post the daily assignment and the student can post their own work for me to comment on. **Please note this class will be using tasteful photography of nudes used for reference.

Once you are signed up, I will be sending out an email with where to log in so you can participate in the class. –Kurt